Bunting Mad!

Pink Bunting Girls Bedroom Buy Online at EtsyEvery year I have a ‘thing’ and it is normally a bit of a surprise to me as to what that ‘thing’ is.  I just find myself drawn to something and making a lot of it.

It would appear that 2013’s ‘thing’ is bunting!  I’ve gone a bit crazy for the stuff and can’t seem to stop making it – from pretty pink and floral and perfect for a little (or big) girl’s bedroom, through to shabby chic hessian bunting perfect for weddings as decorations or as photography props – I just can’t enough.

I suspect it is a backlash against living in a house full of boys (even our two retrievers are male) that is bringing out my super girly side.  Boys, it is a fact well understood, will never appreciate a good string of bunting, much less allow the solitary female to adorn the house with it.  Oh but how I would love to. So I must content myself with making it in all sorts of shapes, colours and sizes (have plans for some glamourous beaded versions in the most gorgeous emboridered fabric I’ve been looking to find a home for), and hope that it brings joy to some other girls who are not so hideously outnumbered.

The one pictures is 2.25m long and costs £10.  Buy online here at https://www.etsy.com/listing/123411771/pink-fabric-cotton-bunting-floral


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