West Ham Gift Bag & Matching Card

West Ham United Football Club, Gift Bag & Matching CardBoys are hard to buy for. Sorry but you are.  My dad is harder than the average boy to buy for.  It is easy to find lots of gifts for him that he will like but it is very rare that I can ever find him that perfect thing that I know he will just love (which is a terrible shame as that is the best part about present shopping for folk you love).  So it tends to work out that I put a lot of effort into presentation just so he knows that I do really care.  This year, I decided upon a West Ham United Football Club theme (He has been a fan all his life.  Otherwise that really would be a random decision).

The West Ham logo is made from three shades of felt, claret, blue and gold.  I just sketched it out, made a few copies and cut out the necessary layers for templates.  Then I enlarged the original sketch by 200% and repeated the process for the gift bag.  I guess it would work out fine for any football club logo, although I expect some would be harder than others.

The gift bag itself is made from two layers white poly cotton (because that is what I had, I think a heavier weight would have been better in a perfect world but I am on a mission to use up my fabric stash).  I wrapped up his presents first so I had a good idea of the size I would need (there’s nothing worse than a half full gift bag, it invariably leads to me blowing my budget on trying to fill it).

  • First, I cut a rectangle from corrugated card and rounded off the ends to give it some stiffness at the bottom.
  • I traced round this shape and added a seam allowance and cut two of these in the cotton.
  • I measured the circumference and cut two strips of this length and the required height.
  • I pinned one strip to the base and stitch around, then repeated with the other.
  • Then you need to join the two long strips (which now have the base attached) right sides together along the long (top) edge and stitch.
  • That way you have created a long tube, so with the right sides together, I stitched 3/4 way down.  You need to leave the gap for turning right side out.
  • Finally I turned the whole thing right side out, and closed up the gap with hand stitching.
  • At the very end, I attached the logo with a tiny running stitch along the edge.

There we go, all done (and a week in advance which is something of a minor miracle, you see these things sometimes do happen 🙂 ) . Happy birthday to Dad, I hope you know that despite the fact that you are the man who has everything, I’d still like you to have a little bit more x


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