Shakespeare Romeo & Juliet Mini Gift Bags

Mini Shakespeare Romeo & Juliet Gift Bags Mini Shakespeare Romeo & Juliet Gift Bags Mini Shakespeare Romeo & Juliet Gift Bags Mini Shakespeare Romeo & Juliet Gift Bags

My wonderful parents are taking us away at the weekend to Stratford Upon Avon for my Dad’s birthday (yeah, I’m not quite sure how that makes it a present for him but there we go).  I wanted to give them some little presents to say thanks (well actually I wanted to give them big presents but I believe the fashionable phrase is ‘budgetary constraints’).  So in order to make what are actually very little presents look more impressive, I thought as usual I’d resort to fancy packaging.  I found this tutorial on how to make gift bags from newspaper whilst indulging myself on Pinterest  and I thought I’d give them a go.

I wanted to theme them a bit and, as we are going to Stratford, what more clear theme than to choose Shakespeare?  So I went online and found a the complete text to Romeo and Juliet (well Macbeth or Hamlet would have been a bit macabre) and copied them onto an A4 sheet in Photoshop.  I then printed out a few sheets onto a parchment style paper which gave it a nice antique feel.  I then made up some of the gift bags to be filled with sweets, the tutorial isn’t in English but it didn’t make any difference as you can just follow the pictures.  Plus you can scale the bags up or down as required just by starting with a bigger bit of paper – the little bags were made from A5 and the taller one was A4 although I ended up chopping the top off it.

When they were all finished, I filled them up with their favourite sweets and labelled them up for Friday & Saturday night – all trimmings from my stash which I gave myself a pat on that back for as I was tempted to shop for vintage style lace (which I maintain would have looked lovely but I am banning myself from craft stores and the craft section on eBay until I can close the drawers on my craft cupboard again!).  I filled the ‘For the Mornings’ one with chocolate biscuits so they have some for with their tea.  I added a strip of paper to the wine bottle just to keep it in theme and piled it all into a gorgeous gold gift bag that a friend had given me a couple of years ago (well you surely never throw away a good gift bag?  It’s bound to be the perfect size and colour for something.  Some day.)

They were so quick and easy to make that I’d definitely do them again – the good thing about them is you can customise them exactly to your purpose just by choosing different papers or printing your own.  They’d make fab bags for wedding favours as well, especially for a rustic, shabby chic or country style wedding – they’re not too time intensive so even a busy bride (plus willing bridesmaids) could probably squeeze them in.  Thrifty and cute, my favourite combination!



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