Rescuing Silver Candlesticks…

I don’t use subtitles often. To my mind, if it’s important it should be in the title but this is an exception.  Really I would like the title to read “Rescuing Silver Candlesticks (Why do I hide away pretty things that I actually own yet cover others).  But that’s a bit too long for a blog title…

The candlesticks in question weren’t dramatically rescued from a house fire, skip, boot sale or charity shop but from my very own studio (we are moving out of one of our photographic studios and consolidating in our cosy upstairs one) and you know how it is when you are moving, you discover all sorts of things that you had forgotten about.  Except these weren’t tucked away in a cupboard or drawer, they were on display on a shelf and I had simply forgotten to see them. Hence the disgusting state that they were in…  They were a wedding present, they are solid silver and I don’t remember ever having had them in a permanent place in the house (or cleaning them for that matter and I’ve been married 10 years. You probably don’t want to look in the backs of my cupboards).  And that’s not because I didn’t like them, I really do like them – when they are lit, the combination of softly sparkling silver, gleaming glass and candlelight is lovely.  I think perhaps I just never found the perfect place for them so they migrated up the studio where they stood, unloved, unlit and unnoticed for all those years.

So anyway, I rescued them and a profitable hour with silver pad, soft cloth and glass cleaner restored them to much of their former glory.  Although cleaning silver is not a particularly fun process, heaven knows how those Downton Abbey folks do it on such a regular basis without going insane.  They haven’t come up quite like new as I guess I left them too long to expect that but I kind of like some of the tarnish being left on them, makes them seem like they have been on a journey.  And when I light them tonight, I will think that I do own lots of pretty things already that I am guilty of not seeing any more and remember to open my eyes a little more.  Perhaps I will go and look in the backs of my cupboards after all.

Silver Candlesticks Restored Silver Candlesticks Restored Silver Candlesticks Restored Silver Candlesticks Restored


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