Mother’s Day Gift and Card

Handmade Mothers Day Gift and CardYes, it’s another one of my ‘style over substance’ posts. I had a lovely weekend away with my family in Stratford Upon Avon and while we were away it was both my Dad’s birthday and of course Mother’s Day.

Actually in our family, we’ve never gone that overboard with the whole Mother’s Day thing – we’ve always thought it was a bit of card company construct and you should really be nice to your mum every day rather than just spoil her once a year.  We always send cards but don’t normally bother with presents too much.

Without wishing to harp on, financially it is not so good at the moment but as we were all going to be together, I did splash out on some very pretty heart shaped chocolates from Thorntons.  I’m really only mentioning the financial thing so you don’t think, well that’s a bit mean just getting her such a tiny little box!  I was a bit stuck for ideas actually so I used the chocolates themselves as inspiration (they were heart shaped white truffles with hot pink designs), I created the card and present wrapping to match. Originally, it was going to be all done in felt as I have quite a bit of that left over from other projects but it felt a bit flat when I laid it out, so I added in some hessian I had some scraps off – rustic is all the rage don’t you know!

Anyway, even though the present was only little, I hope my Mum thought it was still a bit special…


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