Flower Pot Cupcakes

Flower Pot Cupcakes Flower Pot Cupcakes

I’ve had a funny week this week, I found out last Thursday that I was having my gallbladder removed on Monday (which I am pretty certain I am far too young and glamorous for.  In case you were wondering) and so last weekend was really about getting organised for that amongst taking care of portrait clients down at the studio.  Then Monday rolled around with the inevitable nerves and by the end of the day my gallbladder (which I had named Frank) had disappeared and I was back in my bed.  Tuesday and Wednesday seemed to mainly comprise of sleeping with a quick and reluctant break to help my son with his art homework which he had known about for ages but suddenly was urgent – don’t get me started on teenagers and time management.  Then by Thursday I was bored.  I hate inactivity, I don’t do it and it sends my head screwy – my head was still full of ideas and exciting things to do that my body was just not being enthusiastic enough about.

But then I remembered I had made a recent trip to Lakeland and bought myself a little present. Now I could spend a lot in Lakeland and mostly on things that I have no real need of but luckily I think every kitchen is in dire need of silicon mock flowerpots that you can bake in so there was no danger of this being an unnecessary purchase.  Really.

They were £5.99 for a pack of 6 and I would probably prefer that you didn’t click on the link below as the examples on the website look fabulous compared to mine but if you fancy a purchase, I can highly recommend them.


So I amused myself by making cupcakes and these are the finished result.  I say finished as they are really a work in progress.  I used my standard never fail cupcake recipe and only filled the cases up half way as they rose up quite a lot (I still had to chop the cake hump off the top when they were done).  To my chagrin, I had run out of cocoa powder and I can’t drive yet to go and get more so I had to try and make the butter icing look chocolate / muddy by crushing up Cadburys Flake into it, with mixed success.  Then also I would love to had handmade flowers for the top but I had also run out of icing and with transportation issues, I had to use the wafer daisies.  But I think they look cute enough for a first go.

Next time I do them, I think I will glamour them up a bit.  But making them did brighten up my day a bit and make me feel as though  I had at least done something this week -the power of a cupcake is not something to be underestimated!


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