Rustic Wedding Ring Pillows

Rustic Wedding Ring Pillows - Hessian / Burlap & LaceI’ll admit I have a love affair at the moment and it’s not with my husband – it’s Pinterest that has stolen my heart and fair proportion of my early morning leisure time.  I love my husband very much but I am absolutely gutted that we are already married as there are so many beautiful things available for weddings now that just didn’t exist when we tied the knot.  Planning my own fictional rustic styled wedding on Pinterest sadly is bringing me a great deal of pleasure (yes, I am well aware of how sad that is).

Inspired by this, and determined to live vicariously, I’ve been making some new items for my Etsy store – WantItEverSo.  These rustic wedding ring pillows have been a joy to create from a mix of linen, burlap or hessian (depending on where you’re from it would appear) and vintage styled lace, buttons and ribbons.

£10 each and available directly via Etsy from here

And if, like me, you are in the sad position of already being married to the love of your life, feel free to join me in the world of fictional wedding planning on Pinterest here


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