Easter Bunny Bunting

Easter Bunny BuntingEaster Bunny Bunting Easter Bunny Bunting
OK, don’t judge me but I was going to make the title of this piece Easter Bunny-ting.  And the worse thing I was actually quite proud of myself for coming up with it. Then sense returned and I had the grace to blush.

But either way, my parents are coming over on Easter Sunday for a meal and I wanted to make our dining room look suitably festive (I have some other plans too, it’s not just the bunting thing).  My thoughts naturally leapt to bunting as I seem to be nurturing a borderline obsession with the stuff at the moment, but I had to scratch my head for a while to try and come up with a way of making it Easter-y.

My dining room and kitchen are open plan and both painted quite a dark terracotta colour so, although I am very drawn to the Easter pastel shades but that would have been a bit of clash.  So I rifled through my fabric stash and came up with a scrap bit of checked fabric that seemed to fit the bill.  Along with my bunting fixation (honestly, you should see my families rictus grins as I produce another string and they have to attempt to look pleased about it 🙂 ), or perhaps as part of it, I am also fostering an interest in the ‘rustic’ at the moment.  If I thought I could get it past my husband (or my bank account), there would be heavy investment in interior decoration at the moment but both of those would forbid it, so accessories are what I have to work with.  So my Easter bunnies make a nod in that direction with their jute string bow ties.

I flicked through various sources for the bunny templates but eventually settled on the Martha Stewart already prepared template (which you can view and download here).  I made up the flags first of all out of curtain lining that I salvaged from my Mum’s generously donated old dining room curtains.  As the bunny fabric was cotton and would fray when cut, I ironed interfacing onto the back of it before cutting it out (also managed to scavenge enough interfacing from the fabric stash as well, amazing what you can find if you dig around enough.  Well if you’re like me it is).  Normally I am an advocate of hand stitching rather than taking the lazy way out but I’m ashamed to say that I’ve just discovered a fabric glue that works fabulously as well as not leaking through the fabric so I just glued them on to the flags.  Well it’s not being used outside, and it’s only really for occasional use, and other such justifications… Anyway, I stitched the flags onto burgundy bias binding which I did have to buy but at 80p per metre, I thought that probably wasn’t too extravagant.  Then I realised how much cheaper I could have got it had I bought online but there you go.  Lesson learned.  I prefer to use binding rather than creating a channel at the top of the flag and threading through tape or string (although it would have been a good enough excuse to get out my trusty ball of jute twine) as this way, when you hang it, the flags don’t move about and you can create neater loops and curves.

So finished bunny-ting – got so excited that I’ve put it up already (looped up over my dining table) and very nice it looks too, on to complete the rest of my decoration plans now.  Pass me the hessian and lace, I feel a rustic moment coming on…


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