Easter Decorations…

Hand Made Easter Decorations Hand Made Easter Decorations Hand Made Easter Decorations

I wanted some table decorations to go with my Easter bunting that I featured in a previous post and I wanted to stick with the rustic theme so it all matched together.

I stumbled across the idea for these twine eggs somewhere online whilst doing my usual very productive (no really it is!) and time consuming searching around for things to do that would get me out of the doing the housework.  I can’t remember where though, I think it might have been Martha Stewart (who has personally been responsible for a lack of vacuuming in my house on a number of occasions).  I had some paper mache eggs that I had painted a few years ago so I fished them out of the loft and reached for the trusty twine and a tube of glue.  It’s as simple as it looks, just glue the twine around, make sure you give it enough time for the glue to set at the top of the egg before you start to avoid it unravelling (do eggs even have a top?).  I found it helped to put lines of glue down the egg whilst winding the twine around so make sure it stayed nice and neat.  I then added some vintage style lace scraps to pretty up some of them and added wood wool to a dish, plus some candles.  It was a good centrepiece and low enough on the table that you could still see the person opposite you.

The egg cups were £1 for 4 in Wilkinsons – they are only cheap plastic ones, in bright red and blue.  I gave them a little sand down and then painted them with a couple of coats of blackboard paint.  A bit more wood wool, and creme eggs and they were table favours and place makers at the same time then.

I’ll keep them all for next year as they can always be repainted / have the twine stripped off them to rework them if required.  Waste not, want not and all that…


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