One More Sweet Tree – Marshmallows

Marshmallow Sweet TreeMarshmallow Sweet TreeSo this is the final sweet tree from my Easter exploits.

Filled with confidence, I embarked upon this one, after all I had made three fairly successfully so what problems could this cause?  Pah!  I’m sure there are lots of people who would be really good at offering advice in terms of making marshmallow sweet trees, but the only advice I have is, pick another sweet.

The marshmallows were a nightmare and more interested in siding with gravity than staying on the tree, especially when the southern hemisphere is concerned.  As for the sliding snowies, well that one was my fault.  I should have let them set onto the marshmallows before trying to put the marshmallows on the tree.   After a frustrating time trying to get the little blighters to stick, I took the brave decision to wrap it, put it away and not look at it any more.  Then I just wedged them all back on there a couple of minutes before I gave them out.

Luckily, my son loved his tree and didn’t seem to notice the flaws in it at all – ah family, you have to love them!


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