Tea Cup Cupcakes

Tea Cup Cup Cakes  Tea Cup Cup Cakes

So I’ve been in a very baking mood these last few weeks and trying to shake off the winter blues by trying out some different ideas.  I mean, I like chocolate chip cookies and fairy cakes but they can get a bit boring after a while and it’s good to experiment. So these are the latest in the ‘novelty container’ avenue I’ve been exploring.  These are from Lakeland (yep, again) and cost £4.99 for 4.  You get two each of green and lilac and really I bought them for no other reason than I just thought they were cute.  Luckily I must have had some restraint that day as I think most of the stuff in Lakeland is cute but I only walked out with these.  Thankful for small mercies…


You just bake normally in them but I did have a couple of goes before I got it quite right so discovered the following.

  • You have to make sure they are the right shape before you put the mixture in. One of mine had gone a little oval shaped rather than round from storage and I thought it would come back to its normal shape during baking.  It did not and I had one oval teacup.
  • If you fill them about 2/3 way full, the cake rises up and leave a little hill on the top of the cup which you can just neatly slice off leaving your teacup full to the brim with cake.  The first time I tried, I only filled about half way and I had a teacup with a little humpy cake in which didn’t really look so good. Amazing what you can cover up with butter icing though.
  • When you’ve eaten the cake, it is easier to fill up the teacup with soapy water and let it soak for an hour or so.  Otherwise it’s quite hard to get the cake out of all the little grooves in the side of the case.

I think they would also look very good filled up with chocolate mousse so that might have to be my next voyage.  Never made mousse before so it would definitely fit with my ‘try something new’ resolution.  Anyway, I think I can mark the cake experiments completed and cute as a button I think!



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