Ivy & Gypsophila Floral Crown

IVy & Gypsophila CrownIn the photography studio at the moment, we are having a very exciting time building some new services, including a new children’s fine art portraiture option.  So I am working with lots of different people creating my new portfolio prior to the launch so people can see exactly what we are offering.  So this is a prop for a shoot I had this morning with a very beautiful young lady.

Yesterday morning (horribly early as I had a wedding for most of the day) I was to be found in our garden harvesting ivy leaves and then following that, I was to be found in the kitchen getting cross with florist’s tape as I tried to put it all together.  I naively thought that it would just be a case of twisting ivy strands around a wire hoop but that definitely did not work so I ended up attaching the leaves in small bunches and taping them on.  Then I taped on the gypsophila heads.  Not an experience that I’d care to make a habit of as it was a little fiddly but only took about 40 minutes from start to finish so not bad going.   It was still looking good by the shoot the following lunchtime and it looked amazing on my model – I’ll post a picture of it in action when I have it edited.


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