Toadstool Craft Crazy!

Toadstool Crafts for the Enchanted Forest Fairy Photography Experience Life at home is very busy at the moment for a couple of reasons. Firstly my son playing Artful Dodger in Oliver at a local theatre with the first night being on Thursday this week – oh the nerves! Me.  Not him. He is fine with it all.  Secondly we are in the process of selling our current studio and kitting out our new home studio in anticipation of the move.  Never mind the usual round of working two jobs and taking care of the boring domestic stuff like cleaning and ironing.  I’ll leave you to speculate on which of these items is feeling the pinch at the moment and if you can’t guess, you can always come round and set up base camp at the bottom of my ironing pile…

In the process of this, I’ve decided that we need to focus more on our Enchanted Forest fairy photography experience as it is truly gorgeous, but not enough people know about it which makes me a little bit sad.  It has already claimed its space in our new studio and will be replanted shortly and so its my goal to get the website out to as many people as possible so they can bring along their little fairies to experience the magic for themselves.

So I’ve decided to include some fairy crafts onto our blog to encourage people to visit us, find out more and bring a little more ‘fairy’ into their lives.  So I’m crafting like mad at the minute thinking of lots of different ideas that are simple and cheap for folk to make as well as being easy to explain.  I have found however that I am running along something of a theme at the moment – yep, you guessed it, toadstools.  When I sat back and looked at what I had done so far, I found this little collection!  Still lots of fun and would all make lovely little ornaments either indoors or out, I expect some of them will make their way into the Forest at some point…  Off to make some more bits and pieces now before tonight’s rehearsal.  Will make a concerted effort not to focus on the fungal!





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