10 Weeks Until Christmas – Don’t Shoot the Messenger

We have had quite a year here and the last couple of months have been very tough.  Finally we have sold our old studio and are (most of the way) installed in our cosy new home and so I finally got to look up from the mess our lives have been in and realised that it was only 10 weeks until Christmas. Minor heart fluttering panic ensued…

Well Christmas is, and I realise that this is not unusual, a VERY big thing in our house and planning is usually underway long before now so I am somewhat late in the game. Handmade stuff is kind of expected although last year was so crazy that I even sent out shop bought cards to all but a select few which I haven’t done for at least a decade.

So cards seemed like the place to start and this year, I am really feeling the Scandinavian Christmas vibe.  So a simple cross stitch seemed to be a cost effective solution and after a lot of time I found a pattern on a Pinterest board (which I can’t seem to locate now but I would like to thank them if I could) that would be quick and easy to recreate on my cards.  Luckily I don’t send too many otherwise this might drive me completely crazy – I am sure I would have made a different decision if I had tons of friends.  On the off-chance that I ever get really popular, I expect that I will just buy shop cards as I will be far too busy out at parties and exciting events, but for now…

Red and White Reindeer Cross Stitch Christmas Cards Red and White Reindeer Cross Stitch Christmas Cards

Do excuse the slightly off photo quality, it is just that I have a child’s play teepee under construction in my living room which is taking up space and blocking out a lot of the window light.  Well where do you keep yours?

It is quite a simple design which is important in terms of having to replicate it but I think the whole red and white, scandy-season theme relies on its simplicity.  That said, I don’t want to look cheap so I think I might actually invest the time this year to draw up a proper template for a separate card inner leaf to give it more of a quality feel.  In the past, I have tried this and always ended up slightly off centre or sticking out somewhere because I do it as an afterthought but I think a concerted effort to get it right (and save the blinking template somewhere I can find it again) would pay dividends as I do like the way it looks.

Only another five more reindeer to stitch and stick and then I can move onto the table settings, phew!


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