DIY Teepee / Play Tent for Kids


I am finally getting to make the trip over to Antwerp to see one of my very best friends next week.  We haven’t seen each other in ages because of one thing and another and she has actually managed to have two little girls that I have never met.  So I’m very excited to be seeing them and after seeing these DIY play tents in the style of teepees online, I thought it might be a bit of fun for them (they are coming up for three and one).  Plus, it just folds flat when it’s not needed so it is easy to tuck away.

I used 6 foot bamboo canes so there would be no weight if it did fall onto one of them and then just cut triangles of whatever fabric I could find hanging about and stitched them together.  Luckily I had some really big backdrop cloths that were casualties of our recent studio clearout so I was able to make a lining with that so I could buy cheap but pretty fabrics to make the top sections in.  I don’t suppose there was a lot of science to deciding on the measurements for the segments but mine were 90cm wide at the bottom and 10cm wide at the top and the size looks to have come out about right.

Then when all the triangles were stitched together and turned right side out, I just sewed in channels down the seams for the canes.  That really makes it sound quite easy but upon trying to insert the canes, I did discover that I had been a little stingy with the channel width so I would recommend testing that out first to make sure the canes slide in more easily, and with a lot less rude language than I needed to use.  However, they did go in finally and once they were inserted, I looped a couple of elastic bands around the top and covered that with ribbon then raided my stash for any pretty stuff I could find to add on – lace, ribbons and sparkly bits.  That bit was the most fun!  I know it is a very girly tent but I don’t think they are planning more kids and her husband must be used to it already with three women in the house.

Hopefully they will have some fun playing in it (well the one year old is probably a bit young yet but I would have thought a three year old might get a kick out of it).  I’ve got a super soft faux sheepskin to go inside along with a round pink and frilly cushion to rest on to make it look a bit more inviting for them.  Or they can just set it up outdoors in the garden on sunny days.

Image  Image


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