Sweet Potted Plants

Sweet Potted Plant GiftsEvery year I rack my brains to try and think of something different to give for Easter gifts. Last year, I hit upon the idea of the Sweet Trees (you can read all about them on this blog) and they were a big hit so I really had a tough act to follow.

For ages I pondered and scratched my head and definitely contemplated giving up altogether and just buying easter eggs, but then I stumbled across an article about candy bouquets.  I thought they continued the theme of the sweet tree quite nice and was going to give them a go when I also stumbled across two plant pots that were looking for a home and I do like to use up those ‘lying around the house’ items wherever possible.   So I decided to adapt the idea to become sweet potted plants.

I bought sherbert fruits and Mars celebrations (two packs of each although I didn’t need all of them and will confess to eating some as I went along). I filled the pots with camera case foam (again because I had some lying about the house), oasis would have worked fine as well. I cut barbecue skewers down a bit to form the stems, florist wire seemed like an expensive alternative and probably wouldn’t have pushed through the foam although obviously would work with oasis.  Then the fun began.

I had a reel of florist tape which was a more elegant solution than sellotape to my mind when I began but when I was suffering from a near terminal case of ‘sticky fingers’ I was tempted to rethink. Gosh that stuff is a total pain to work with, especially when you are combining it with rippable crepe paper.  It worked great, looked good – just drove me bonkers. Most likely that is just me though, other people probably don’t swear as much when they are working with it or the air around a florists would be quite blue.

I cut strips of crepe paper and folded them in half lengthways to give them a neat edge and tried initially to tape the paper and the sweet all to the stick in one go.  Cue more blue air.  The sweet would drop off just as I finished or the paper would be messy due to trying to hold the sweet in place. So I settled on taping the sweet on the stick first and then the crepe paper afterwards adding on a green crepe paper leaf or two at the same time.  It was just a case of repeating and poking in the next flower until I had a neat potted plant.

They were well received at our Easter dinner and a pretty cost effective gift.  Heaven only knows what I will do next year, can’t think of many more plant / sweet combos.  Any ideas would be gratefully received!



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