My Very Own Craft Space!

So, whether it is spring fever or what, at home we have been having some major ‘sort it out’ projects going on.  Both Steve and I have committed to finally going through all those unloved areas that have been used as ‘don’t know where to put it, dump it in there’ and cleaning them out, clearing the clutter and giving them a purpose. 

The below picture is our old office in the garden.  It has been empty for two years and when I say empty, I mean stacked full of all the rubbish that we couldn’t find another home for and so it was an obvious area to tackle.  This is after the first round of tidying up when all that was left to do was dismantle the old furniture and mop up after what appears to have been a fairly wild and long-lasting mouse party.  Cleaning and disinfecting done (both of the space and of me, I had to have about three showers afterwards to ensure I was completely free of mouse residue and spider webs), I sidled up to Steve and mooted the idea of letting me have one corner of it as my very own craft space.  The speed with which this idea was accepted showed me just how annoying my habit of strewing half finished projects across the widest possible area of the house must actually have been!  Anyway, I would call it a win-win situation as Steve gets my ‘stuff’ out of the house from all its various cubby holes (and there were many) and I get my dream craft space…



So, I turned my mind to what I needed to set it up properly without breaking the bank and came across two workbenches on eBay that seemed to fit the bill in terms of sturdiness, size and cost (think they were about £35 each and measured 1.5m by 600cm).  Then there was a trip to Argos and Staples to equip myself with adequate storage trunks, boxes and drawers in order that I could put stuff away in a mouse proof environment (I’m sure they’ll be back to check out their nightlife hotspot at various points), and more importantly find it all again.  Came to about £75 in the end, simply couldn’t believe how much stash I had when I had it all in one place.  Fabulous fun revisiting it all and organising it though! Finally and most importantly (ahem), there was a bit of buy of sewing themed fabric in order that I might make curtains for the workbenches to hide the clutter, make bunting and general pretty stuff.  OK, that wasn’t essential, but it was awfully fun and has left me with inspiration for some new ranges for my Etsy store which makes it product research as far as I am concerned (ahem again).  So here you have it, the space that I have created that I now just want to spend all day in (I can get Netflix out there as well – uh-oh)…






2 thoughts on “My Very Own Craft Space!

  1. Woohoo!!! Congratulations! My craft room is my happy haven. I love to be in there so much. So happy for you to have such a cute place to work! xx

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