Vintage Suitcase Makeover

For a while I got kind of swept up in the trend for vintage suitcases and bought a couple of eBay that were in fair condition and really cheap with the idea of renovating them. Actually I didn’t check the measurements too carefully (wouldn’t be the first time) so they were a bit bigger than I thought they would be and then when I had picked them up, I realised I actually had no idea of what I was planning to do with them.  So this shocking lack of planning lead me to just put them up on top of a wardrobe and ignore them for a bit.  Then I thought I’d better do something so I heaved one of them down (they are solid and heavy affairs) and decided to give it a clean up.  Still no idea of what I was going to do but you know, sometimes you just hope inspiration will strike!

photo 4 photo 1 photo 3

As you can see it was in quite a ratty state – I mean I like an item to have character and few knocks and dents do add something but downright filthy is not a look that anyone should strive for so most of my work involved a lot of scrubbing with any cleaning product I could lay my hands on.  At the end of all this effort, plus some time with a wire brush and a bit of rust removing WD40, I was left with a pleasantly battered looking clean case. Inside was in relatively good condition and relining it posed a bit of a challenge so I just left it as it was.  Still though, no idea with what to do with it so back on top of the wardrobe it went.  Then the other day, I was getting ready for a photo shoot in the studio and I fancied something new to use as a prop and this suitcase just wafted across my thoughts. So finally it came down from the wardrobe again and made its way into the studio where it worked just brilliantly. Solid enough to sit on, good for leaning on and just adding a little bit of vintage styling… Loved the results and so satisfied to have finally found a purpose for it.   Think I will now reline it and create a mechanism to keep it safely propped open as I can see it being super cute for newborn photos too.  Now to get the other one down off the top the wardrobe…

Vintage Suitcase Photo Prop Vintage Suitcase Photo Prop Vintage Suitcase Photo Prop


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