Vintage Suitcase Makeover – Part 2

So after the (relative) success of my other vintage suitacase makeover, I was inspired once more to return to the top of the wardrobe and get down the other dusty suitcase that I bought at the same time.  I’m glad I did the other one first as this one was considerably more bashed up and needed a lot more work than just a clean and polish (although it definitely needed those too). 

It had a big round mark in the centre of the top so it was obvious that it was going to need painting after some fashion so I got out my trusty acrylics and mixed blue and black until I had a good match and then gave it a coat all over to disguise the bumps, scratches and general wear and tear. 

Then I sat and looked at it for a bit and decided that, although it looked newer, it looked decidedly boring.  So after some more looking (I seem to do a lot of sitting staring at this type of project but honestly I am working), I decided to go with a kind of vintage union flag feel, make the most of the blue background and not giving myself too much to do.  Masking tape and more acrylic paints and the job was done.  The finish was quite fragile though as I discovered when moving the case around so I touched up the extra knocks I created and added a coat of satin varnish. 

Just gave it a quick test drive along with some red, white and blue bunting at a studio session today and was very pleased with how it worked.  Versatile and fashionable, and definitely joining my prop store.  Before and after pictures below…



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