Nappy Cake


The most exciting news that I’ve had in ages is that I’m going to be a grandmother at the beginning of June. As she already has most of the big stuff (cot, buggy etc) sorted out, and they don’t have that big a house to be filling up with giant toys and play mats, I settled on the gift that keeps on giving – money!  So to go with it, I decided to have a go at a nappy cake as I’ve been seeing them online for a while now and thought they were a nice way to present a few essentials.

This one contains

  • One pack of Pampers size 1 nappies
  • 12 travel packs of wipes (they form the core of the cake)
  • 1 mini baby bath
  • 1 mini baby oil
  • 1 cot blanket
  • 2 bibs (one inside, one outside)
  • three pairs of baby socks

Try as I might, I couldn’t work in the two very cute sleepsuits without making it look messy and fussy so I just rolled and wrapped them with matching ribbon.  Well the best laid plans…



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