Stash Busting – New Year’s Resolution

Like many folk who love to ‘craft’, and amongst those lucky ones that actually have a room in their house set aside for such things (well a bit of one), I have found that I have reached magpie like proportions when it comes to hoarding stash.

Inspired by the MoneySavingExpert forums, I’ve been following a stash busting thread for like minded folk determined to reduce their boxes and bags full of ‘stuff’ by finishing unfinished objects and generally turning it all in beautiful and useful things.  I haven’t set totals but must admit, I’ve been greatly inspired by all the good folk on there and actually managed to complete a few personal projects and consolidate down some items I’ve been hoarding for years.

Christmas cards using up leftovers and felt from I-have-no-idea-how-many  years back, through some glass pebbles that my mum gave me to ‘do something with’ which will make sun catching baubles in the garden, through to a little granny square lap blanket for when I get chilly in the office.  And the projects keep coming, turns out this stash busting is addictive.  Heaven only knows what I’ll do when it’s gone. Oh who am I kidding?  Start again…


2 thoughts on “Stash Busting – New Year’s Resolution

  1. Wow, I am member of that group on MSE and those are some impressive makes – thanks for sharing. Now I’ve discovered your blog I’m going to be a regular stalker (of the nice kind). Keep up the great crafting

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