Wedding Ring Pillow Off To Texas

One hessian and lace wedding ring pillow is all packed up and ready to start it’s journey to Texas, USA. It makes me so happy that my pretty pillows get to travel abroad to take part in weddings – love the thought of all the unfamiliar aisles they will make their way down!

I’m happy to ship pretty much anywhere in the world, you just need to get in touch for shipping cost details if you’re interested in a burlap and lace ring pillow for your wedding.


Set of Five Hanging Easter Egg Decorations

A set of five hanging easter eggs decorations in pretty pastel shades.  Perfect decoration or present for the Easter Holidays, each egg measures about 7cm tall and is hand stitched and lightly padded.

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Easter Egg Garlands

Bright and cheerful or pretty in pastels, these easter egg garlands are now available to buy in my Etsy Store.

Each egg is lightly padded with non-allergenic stuffing and hand stitched at the edges with silk thread.  The message spells out ‘Happy Easter’ and they are perfect for home decorations during the easter holidays or as a gift for friends and family.


Stash Busting – New Year’s Resolution

Like many folk who love to ‘craft’, and amongst those lucky ones that actually have a room in their house set aside for such things (well a bit of one), I have found that I have reached magpie like proportions when it comes to hoarding stash.

Inspired by the MoneySavingExpert forums, I’ve been following a stash busting thread for like minded folk determined to reduce their boxes and bags full of ‘stuff’ by finishing unfinished objects and generally turning it all in beautiful and useful things.  I haven’t set totals but must admit, I’ve been greatly inspired by all the good folk on there and actually managed to complete a few personal projects and consolidate down some items I’ve been hoarding for years.

Christmas cards using up leftovers and felt from I-have-no-idea-how-many  years back, through some glass pebbles that my mum gave me to ‘do something with’ which will make sun catching baubles in the garden, through to a little granny square lap blanket for when I get chilly in the office.  And the projects keep coming, turns out this stash busting is addictive.  Heaven only knows what I’ll do when it’s gone. Oh who am I kidding?  Start again…

Vintage Button Ring Pillows

Brand new in store today  – an addition to my hessian wedding ring pillow range.  These are embellished with a heart created from vintage buttons in delicate natural shades. Starting at £14.99, no two pillows can ever be the same so you can be sure that yours is completely unique to your wedding.

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